Call for Ideas




futureNOLA seeks innovative, imaginative proposals by creatives and the public which answers the call, How would you envision New Orleans over the next 300 years, through the lenses of our environment, cultural identity, smart growth, and equity?

Submissions should envision opportunities and solutions to current and future challenges for this city. Selected entries will be celebrated through an exhibition, gala, and publication, collectively offering a platform for individuals and teams to share their future of The Crescent City with professionals, politicians, and the public. Submissions can be in the form of Architecture + Planning, Written Submissions, Kinetic Art, or Soundscape.


  • March 1, 2018: Entry Submission Opens

  • December 31, 2018: Entry Deadline

  • January–TBA: Analysis of Entries/ Curation of Exhibit

  • TBA 2019: Exhibit Opens


Interdisciplinary teams are highly encouraged. 


All responses must address at least one “lens”:


Entries may be site-specific, neighborhood-specific or address the City of New Orleans in its entirety.


Applicants are encouraged to select a period within the next 300 years in which their submission is set.


Projects will be reviewed by a high-profile group of individuals drawn from a variety of disciplines who share a connection with New Orleans. Worthy Submissions chosen by the Panelists will be honored with presentations by participants and public discussion by members of the Panel at the opening of the Exhibit.

What are the possibilities for the City of New Orleans over the next 300 years as it embraces its distinctive environment, cultivates a more dynamic economy, creates an equitable community, and celebrates its vibrant cultural identity?


Installation at Contemporary Arts Center. New Orleans, 2013. Photography by Scott Heath. Used with Permission.